April 4, 2016

notable trees of the clyde area

notable yews of the clyde area, 1901

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From Fauna, Flora and Geology of the Clyde area
Edited by
G. F. Scott ELLIOT
Malcolm LAURIE and

published Glasgow 1901
by the Local Committee for the Meeting of the British Association

April 14, 2015

Deleuze's description of a conversation as

"...the outline of a becoming. The wasp and the orchid provide the example. The orchid seems to form a wasp image, but in fact there is a wasp-becoming of the orchid, an orchid-becoming of the wasp, a double capture since "what" each becomes changes no less than "that which" becomes. The wasp becomes part of the orchid's reproductive apparatus at the same time as the orchid becomes the sexual organ of the wasp."

Gilles Deleuze and Claire Parnet 'Dialogues' 1977/1987